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Explainer, Product Demo, Titles, Intros, Keying, Color Correcting, Video Editing, Motion Graphics
Video Demo Reel

Various work I have been involved with over the past year. Content includes mograph, editing, title design, timelapse, product/sales demos and some personal projects.

Video/MoGraph Portfolio
Video Artist

Explainer Videos | Demos | Editing | Keying | Color Correcting


Nature | Astrophotography | Portraits | Hotel | Restaurant

SEO Marketing

AdWords | Social Media

Audio Producer

Devastating Beat Creator

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"Ability to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities."
Video Artist - 17 years Experience

Photographer - 10 years Experience

HTML - 13 years Experience

SEO - 6 years Experience

Audio - 20 years Experience


I have grown to have an extreme passion for photography over the past 10 years. I travel globally and try and capture the unique imagery that our planet, as well as outside of our planet creates naturally. I always said that mther nature is the best artist. Capturing these moments, as well as great moments us humans love to charish is a very gratifying experience.

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Corporate Office
Photography Prints
Photography Prints
Photography Prints

AdWords / SEO

In today’s competitive market, SEO is more important than ever. Search engines serve millions of users per day looking for answers to their questions or for solutions to their problems.

AdWords provides a number of benefits that can augment your overall online marketing efforts. I personally have driven millions of impressions for clients to boost there business' visibility on the web.

Web Design & Deployment

Making your brand uniform across all platforms is a key process that makes your company stand out from the majority. I try and create a presence that is colorful, full of rich imagery and conveys your message clearly.

  • Cross Platform Social Network Branding
  • Fluid Animation & Framework
  • Colorful & Unique Designs
  • HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress, Actionscript
  • Vibrant Online Presentation
Web Graphic
Web Design & Development
Music Production

Seasoned in many styles of music. I started out at the age of 15 as a DJ. Which eventually evolved into my love for the multimedia arts. I was not satisfied with playing other musicians tracks. So I started producing experimental electronic music in early 2000. Since then, my style has evolved to where I enjoy creating unique soundscapes. I try and make msuic that has color.