Motion Designer

14 years - Specializing in explainer videos, product and sales demos, commercials, social media & online branding.

I started out editing video and learning Flash animation in 2002. Integrating video into my Flash animations and experimenting with actionscript. I quickly moved onto learning After Effects to push my animation skills with video. Since, I have been involved in creating some form of video over the past 14 years. Whether it be for broadcast, eLearning courses, banner ads, online commercials, In-store content and various styles of demo's, presentations, etc.

Responsibilities varied from Director, Assistant Director, Editor, Motion Graphics Artist, Storyboard Artist, Colorist to Camera.


Video editor for broadcast, online, sales demos, explainer and social media.

Video Animation

Motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation for commercials, product demos, in-store and online advertising.

Aerial Footage

Aerial drone footage stock videographer, real estate, property surveys and commercial shoots.

Demo Reel
Animated Advertising

In-store advertising are popular amongst retailers because it helps 'plant seeds' in customers to purchase products while they are shopping. These animations are basically 15-30 second commercials, usually motion graphics highlighting specific products. I have been contracted by many large retailers to create animated advertising for their in-store screens.


Aerial stock videographer
Aerial Videographer

After being a photographer for 3 years, I decided to push the imagery a bit and purchased a drone. That opened new avenues of creativity and business. I shoot stock footage content as well as selling high resolution prints of the aerial shots, commercial shoots as well as land surveys.

Stock Video

I submit alot of my footage/photos to various stock photography websites online. I also started my own stock website called 5DStock.com. Not being limited to selling video and photos, I also put together bundle packages and custom templates I create in After Effects and other relative software.

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