Web and Mobile Design

10 years - Designer and developer of online websites and mobile applications

Web design was naturally the next step in the creative process. Because I was a graphic designer, video artist and got into incorporating video into my flash animations. That lead into doing front side design for various web projects. I was mostly just designing in the beginning. But after a couple years of just designing, I got deeper in learning HTML and started developing sights on a small scale for clients.

Cross Platform Branding

Making your brand uniform across all platforms is a key process that makes your company stand out from the majority. I try and create a presence that is colorful, full of rich imagery and conveys your message clearly.

  • Cross Platform Social Network Branding
  • Fluid Animation & Framework
  • Colorful & Unique Designs
  • HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress, Actionscript
  • Vibrant Online Presentation
Web Graphic
Web Design & Development
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